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About us

Lucid Artifacts, a Los Angeles based company, was formed with a mission to bring conscious jewelry and clothing to the world! 

Everything on the site is handmade personally by me or sourced, by me, from other artists around the world. I personally travel the world to obtain my stones and crystals, so you can be sure that they are Fair trade and of the highest quality.

One of my favorites things to do on my travels is create jewelry in different sacred locations around the world. I believe the energy of the location may be added into the jewelry, later giving the wearer a little piece of my adventures.
Each stone is said to hold different powers and energies, but I believe the real power comes from our thoughts. So whether we believe the stories of the stones or not, it matters not. For some, the stones themselves hold power, and for some, the intention placed in the stone is the power. I create jewelry so people may wear them as reminders of what they want to bring into their life; what we think about comes to us in this reality. 
My jewelry serves as a reminders of what we want in life, so that every time we touch or see it it, we think about the intentions set into it, thus helping to bring it into your life! Each piece of jewelry is handmade with love, energy and intention.  We are here to change the world. 
Please don't hesitate to contact me at with any questions! 
Happy Shopping!!