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Quartz Earrings
Quartz Earrings
Quartz Earrings
Quartz Earrings

Quartz Earrings

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 * Every stone is different, so the color and shape will vary.  Every piece will be just as amazing as the ones pictured!

These elegant and powerful Quartz earring are hand-wrapped in all sterling silver.  They are light and flow with the wind! The length of the earrings pictured is 3 inches total and the length of the chain is 1 3/4 of an inch.  You can adjust the length of the chain when ordering this piece.  Please contact me with any questions!

"From ancient times to the present day, quartz crystals have been a source of Light to mankind. Highly valued by spiritual leaders and healers as well as scientists, the unique attributes of quartz have played a key role in mankind' evolutionary development." (Baer, R) 


 Clear Quartz is the stone of transformation, amplification and manifestation.  By transforming ourselves we transform our lives and the lives of those around us. Quartz amplifies whatever energy or intent is put into it, and continues to broadcast that intention throughout the world.   


Clear Quartz brings strength and clarity into your life, helping you to filter out distractions.  It is a stone of inner peace and love.

"Like humans, each Clear Quartz crystal is unique, each with its own personality, lessons, and experiences. The crystals attracted into one's life are stones that will in some way help facilitate personal growth and awareness."  [Raphaell]


 Now comes the real question.........

 Do stones really have energy, or is it all make believe? 


I get this question all the time. The truth is, it all comes down to what you believe. 

If you believe these stones or crystals can change your life, then they will, and if you don’t then they won’t. What it really comes down to is mindset. Michael Merzenich, a neuroscience Professor at UCSF, says that every moment we make choices through our thoughts, that affect our lives in a very real sense. What Michael is referring to is neuroplasticity, the brain’s response to the way we see our world, and these choices are the concrete that shapes our lives.


The Dalai Lama himself speculated that “pure thought would change the brain's activity, its circuits or even its structure” and was proven correct by Richard Davidson, Ph.D. He proved that “everything the mind does has a physical [mirror]”. Change your thoughts, change your life.  


Your mindset is powerful. Ask any professional athlete, music superstar, or entrepreneur.    Michael Jordan, Oprah, and Bill Gates all attribute their success to keeping a positive growth mindset.

My jewelry is made from the finest natural stones from the earth and they are all personally sourced from around the world. As I handcraft each piece, I make sure to set intentions into each one. These intentions are simply waiting to be activated by your mind. Each time you touch or see your jewelry, you have the chance to ignite the intention and unlock it’s potential. These pieces are token reminders of what you want to bring into your life. Your mind is more powerful than you imagine. While there is endless information about the legends of each stone, the real power comes from you. You bring change and goodness into your life. Start living up to your full potential, with these intention talismans. 




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