Tourmalinated Quartz Pendant

  • $ 65.00

All Jewelry is 100% handmade by me with love!

This tourmalinated quartz pendant is wrapped in all sterling silver.

This stone helps balance all of the chakras. It is very similar to crystal quartz but is generally found with bits of black tourmaline running through it and can be found in a cloudy opaque form to crystal clear.

This is one of the most powerful stones in clearing ‘bad vibes’ of all types and repairing the auric field in ones space. Tourmalated Quartz amplifies the energies of black tourmaline that reside within it. It rids one of negative energy and provides the strength to confront and handle situations one has ignored or suppressed. This stone also helps with depression and stress about bad news and situations one has come across.

My belief on stones is that they are reminders of what we want to bring into our lives. Our minds are very powerful and I believe that what we think about comes into our reality. So I set intentions into my stones and so that every time I touch or see them, I think about the intention, thus bringing it into my existence!