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Sacred Pattern Harem Pants
Sacred Pattern Harem Pants
Sacred Pattern Harem Pants

Sacred Pattern Harem Pants

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Never split your pants again with these amazingly comfortable, durable, 100% cotton handmade harem pants.

Comfortable and versatile.  Perfect for yoga, stretching and hiking. With a dual elastic back and tie, these pants really are a one size fits most!  

With elastic ankles, you can pull them up to customize for the length that fits you best.

The most amazing harem pants you will ever try.

These handmade harem pants are not like the rest.  While comfort is their first focus, they are long-lasting and durable.  The fabric is versatile; keeping you warm on cold nights and cool during the day. The perfect all-activity pants. Go from lounging at home, to yoga class, to hiking the top of a mountain, and to dinner all in the same pair. 

They are truly the greatest harem pants in the world. I should know, I have traveled the world searching for them. I have done this, personally! Once I found them, I have never looked back. Finally, a pair of pants that weren’t restricting, tight, or stiff. Since then, I have traveled the world, backpacked for hundreds of miles, played acro yoga, and even gone to work all in these pants.

When you purchase these harem pants, not only are you investing in long lasting comfort, you’re also supporting small businesses across the globe. If that wasn’t enough, with each purchase Lucid Artifacts will make a donation to charity on your behalf. Giving back is important, and so we are always looking to add new charities to our donation list. The most recent addition being Fight for the Forgotten, a charity which builds wells in Uganda.



These Thai pants are handmade in Chaing Mai Thailand, fair trade sourced in person directly from their creator. They feature a large pocket on the front with a tie in the back that you can use if you want a tighter fit.  




A little background story on how I found these pants.  On my last travels to southeast Asia, I made it a goal to find some amazing pants because I was tired of ripping all of my pants.  I bought pants all over asia but the absolute best I found were from this amazing lady named Ausa who was vending in Chaing Mai Thailand.  I bought a few pairs to test them out and wore them almost exclusively for 3 months.  At the end of that time they still looked good as new with no ripping at all.  I flew back to Chaing Mai from Cambodia just to buy more pants and set up a way I could buy all her extra pants!! You might find cheaper Thai pants out there but I can guarantee you won't find higher quality.  These pants will last you for years in any sort of activity you want to do.

These pants are made of 100% pure cotton, are unisex one size fit all, and will fit most people between 5ft and 6ft 5 inches tall.  



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