Size 6 Citrine Ring

  • $ 55.00

All Jewelry is 100% handmade by me with love!

This citrine ring is a size 6 size and is wrapped in all sterling silver.


Chakra=Root(1st), Sacral(2nd), Solar Plexus (3rd)

Supports Digestion · Healthy Metabolism · Stimulates Optimism · Decisiveness in Difficult Situations · Enhances Creative Imagination · Manifestation Through Will · Mental Clarity


Citrine is called a Stone of Manifestation and Success.  Citrine is said to be beneficial for business and commerce. It’s been known to bring good fortune and happiness, – sometimes in very unexpected ways!  It has been used to promote success and abundance for countless generations. Citrine is said to enhance confidence and mental clarity.

It is also used for letting go of outmoded beliefs, fears, thoughts and desires that do not serve us.  It’s been used to help with nightmares and is thought to help with OCD – obsessive-compulsive disorder. It’s used for digestive problems and helps to clear third chakra blockages.

My belief on stones is that they are reminders of what we want to bring into our lives. Our minds are very powerful and I believe that what we think about comes into our reality. So I set intentions into my stones and so that every time I touch or see them, I think about the intention, thus bringing it into my existence!