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Size 6.5 Blue Sodalite Ring
Size 6.5 Blue Sodalite Ring

Size 6.5 Blue Sodalite Ring

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All Jewelry is 100% handmade by me with love!

This Blue sodalite ring is a size 6.5 and is wrapped in all sterling silver.

Blue Sodalite

Sodalite is a stone of logic, rationality, and efficiency. It is helpful for work in groups and stimulates thought. Sodalite is a stone that is good for healing breaches in communication.

Known as the  Poet's Stone. It can help end arguments or other disagreements. It is particularly useful for honesty of emotions and love. It increases intelligence, knowledge and learning, and can unite the logical with the spiritual.

It is a stone of truth, and brings this to all communications.

My belief on stones is that they are reminders of what we want to bring into our lives. Our minds are very powerful and I believe that what we think about comes into our reality. So I set intentions into my stones and so that every time I touch or see them, I think about the intention, thus bringing it into my existence!