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Size 9.5 Opal Ring
Size 9.5 Opal Ring

Size 9.5 Opal Ring

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This size 9.5 Opal ring is wrapped in all sterling silver.


Chakras=Heart(4th) , Crown(7th)

Healing ·Support in Healing Emotional Body ·Open to spirit · Life Force·Creative Energy


Opal is most known for its ability to bring one’s traits and characteristics to the surface for examination and transformation. Just as Opal absorbs and reflects light, it picks up thoughts and feelings, desires and buried emotions, amplifying them and returning them to the source. 
Opals promote a sense of calm security, easing stress and depression, and encouraging one to stop brooding in order to better direct one’s thoughts and energies. They are antidotes to restless thoughts and racing minds that rehash the past or anticipate the future. Opals center the mind and are stones of happy dreams, particularly soothing for children and those who have always slept badly or had recurring nightmares with no apparent reason.  Opals are wonderful occupational crystals, encouraging humanitarian love and service, lightness, spontaneity and dynamic creativity. 
It is a wonderfully supportive stone, dedicated to healing and strengthening the emotional body for those willing to peer honestly into the true self. Opal’s high internal energy brings thoughts and feelings to the surface for examination, and reveals what one’s emotional state has been in the past, or even in previous lives.


My belief on stones is that they are reminders of what we want to bring into our lives. Our minds are very powerful and I believe that what we think about comes into our reality. So I set intentions into my stones and so that every time I touch or see them, I think about the intention, thus bringing it into my existence!