Lucid Artifacts is a Los Angeles based company run by Chris Avanzato.  My mission is to change the world with positive vibrations and healing crystals!  I want everyone I meet to feel the power of the stones! Crystals and semi precious stones carry unbelievable power that most people do not know about, so I want to share with the world what they have done for me.  I love making healing crystal wire wraps in all shapes and sizes, from amethyst pendants to quartz rings and I want to make one for you!

All of the jewelry I carry is hand made and much of what is used to create it is re-purposed material.  I go to yard-sales, estate sales, gem shows, farmers markets and unique places around the world to find hidden treasures.   I love the feeling of transforming raw and recycled materials into beautiful works of art and I cant wait to share them with you!  Checkout my store for great deals on gemstone jewelry and healing crystals!